Louis Brachet lives and works in the community of Ventavon where he was born.
As his father communed with the soil to grow corn, so the son communes with matter to create forms from the tumult of his soul and his thoughts.

Why did he choose steel as a means of expression? Because each material has its own qualities which require competence for the person who works it, shapes it and subjects it to the necessities of his idea. Technical know-how makes it possible to attain the limits of the material’s possibilities.

So it is quite natural that Louis Brachet chose steel to express himself, as he has always worked with it and appreciates its qualities and constraints.

How can he resist an inert metal sheet which only needs the alchemy of fire and thought to become emotion and sensuality? The sculptor also enjoys the battle between himself and the matter in which one or the other must yield, respecting each other and stepping aside so that only the work of art be victorious.

Louis Brachet works with the rudimentary knowledge he acquired during his training. Every sculpture is formed at the forge, thus guaranteeing that each one is a unique work of art.

Louis Brachet’s procedure is a permanent search for form, expression and movement, where each one of his creations is the emotional result of what makes up humanity: beauty, anguish and hope. The diversity of the methods used to work and treat the metal helps to combine thought and creation as much as possible.

Louis Brachet regards himself as one of the countless links trying to spiritualize matter in order to unite Man with the Universal.