1937 : Birth of Louis Brachet in Ventavon, 05300, Hautes Alpes.
1944-1954 : Elementary school, C.E.P. certificate.
1954 : Ironwork training in Marseilles. Evening courses at the “Compagnons”.
1957 : Military service in Algeria.
1960 : Two general mechanics training courses in Avignon. Obtention of two Professional Aptitude Certificates.
1962 : Works with a blacksmith in Laragne, Hautes Alpes.
1964 : Establishes himself as a self-employed ironworker in Ventavon, Hautes Alpes.
1968 : Carries out his first wrought-iron sculpture.
1970 : Carries out 5 politically – committed sculptures: Hunger, Violence, Oppression.
1975 : Group exhibition at the Gap museum, Hautes Alpes.
1977 : Commission for a Deportation Memorial for the Var department.
Exhibits in the “Salon d’automne” in Paris.
1978 : Exhibits at the Louis Soulanges art gallery. Participates in the “Salon des Indépendants” in Paris.
1979 : Exhibition in the Toulon museum, Var department. Participates in an exhibition of the “Toulouse Group”.
1980 : Exhibitions in Vence and Orleans.

1981 : Contemporary art exhibition in Quebec.
Exhibition in Sanary, Alpes Maritimes.
1982 : Contemporary art exhibition in New York. Exhibition at “La Poutre” gallery, Marseilles.
1983 : Exhibition in Aix-en-Provence. Louis Brachet gives up his ironworking activity to devote himself entirely to artistic creation.
1985 : Exhibition in Aix-en-Provence
1986 : Creation of a second sculpture for the Marseilles Town Hall.
Exhibition in Beausoleil, Alpes Maritimes.
1987 : Exhibition in Avignon.
1990 : Exhibition in Aix-en-Provence.
1993 : Guest of honour at the European Exhibition of Sculpture and Painting at Sorgues, Vaucluse.
1994 : Part of his workshop is set up as a gallery. Since then, Louis Brachet has a permanent exhibition in his workshop and very seldom travels.
1995 : Beginning of “The Dance” series of sculptures.
1998 : Publication of the catalogue “Louis Brachet, 20 Years of Sculpture”.
1999 : Beginning of a series of engravings on steel.
2001 : Creation of the website: www.louis-brachet.com
2002 : April-May – exhibition in the Agora Gallery, Soho, New York.